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Adam Sedgwick (1785 - 1873)

Noteable English Geologist

Obadiah Sedgwick (1600 - 1658)

Famous Puritan Divine of the 1600's.

Thomas Sedgwick (1500's)

Religious Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, imprisoned after Elizabeth's accession.
at the website of The Catholic Encyclopedia
Henry Sidgwick (1838 - 1900)

English philosopher and ethical theorist of the 1800's.
Articles linked here and here.
Amy Sedgwick (1830 - 1897)

Famous actress. It seems that Sedgwick was a stage name as can be seen from the record of her first marriage to William Barney Parkes in 1868 when she gives her name as Sarah Gardiner. She was born in Bristol in 1830 with no obvious Sedgwick forebears. The National Portrait Gallery has a picture of her by Herbert Watkins.
Edward Sedgwick (circa 1722 - 1781)

Secretary to George Montague-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax. In 1763 was appointed Under Secretary for American Affairs by Halifax. The National Portrait Gallery has a portrait of him painted by Daniel Gardner and there is a possible additional painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds at the Cincinnati Art Museum.
Herbert Amos Sedgwick (1883 - 1957)

Played cricket for Yorkshire

Toby Sedgwick

English actor

Marcus Sedgwick (born 1968 )

English author descended from the West Witton family via Fred Sedgwick

Chris Sedgwick (born 1980)

Footballer currently playing for Preston North End - believed to be a descendant of Henry Edmund Sedgwick.




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