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The PCY or Prerogative Court of York generally only covers the north of England for the period up to 1858.

The indices to the Prerogative and Exchequer Court of York are being published on the Origins site in reverse order from 1858. They include wills and administrations. Copy documents can be ordered for £10 via Origins although they are available directly from The Borthwick Instiute. I already have some copies - please mail me for details.

Last Name First Name Place County Date Type
SIDGSWICK Ralph Warmfield Yorkshire 1732, JUN WILL
SIDGWICK Edmund Horton in Ribblesdale Yorkshire 1733, JUL WILL
SIDGWICK Leonard Horton Yorkshire 1734, DEC ADMON
SIDGWICK Marmaduke Brompton near Northallerton Yorkshire 1735, DEC WILL
SEDGWICK Ralph Felkirk Yorkshire 1743, MAY ADMON
SIDGWICK Willm Helmsley Yorkshire 1745, FEB WILL
SIDGWICK Mary Tosside Craven Yorkshire 1746, MAY ADMON
SIDGWICK Henry Routh Yorkshire 1746, NOV WILL
SEDGWICK James Giggleswick Yorkshire 1747, JAN WILL
SEDGWICK Willm Arncliffe Yorkshire 1752, JUN WILL
SIDGEWICK Ann Warmfield Yorkshire 1754, SEP WILL
SIDGWICK Willm Northallerton Yorkshire 1754, OCT WILL
SIDGWICK Miles Kettlewell Yorkshire 1755, SEP WILL
SEDGWICK Ellen Bradford Yorkshire 1757, APR WILL
SEDGWICK Margaret Kettlewell Yorkshire 1765, JUN WILL
SEDGWICK James Leeds Yorkshire 1765, DEC ADMON
SEDGSWICK Stephen Horton in Ribblesdale Yorkshire 1767, JUL ADMON
SEDGWICK Leonard Rothwell Yorkshire 1767, AUG WILL
SEDGWICK Giles Kirkby in Malham Dale Yorkshire 1767, NOV ADMON
SIDGWICK John Denton Durham 1770, SEP WILL
SIDGSWICK Elizabeth Arncliffe Yorkshire 1776, MAY WILL
SEDGWICK Stephen Bentham Yorkshire 1779, AUG WILL
SEDGWICK James Horton in Ribblesdale Yorkshire 1780, AUG WILL
SIDGWICK John Arncliffe Yorkshire 1781, JUL WILL
SIDGEWICK John Rudby in Cleveland Yorkshire 1784, FEB WILL
SEDGWICK Ann Horton in Ribblesdale Yorkshire 1785, MAR WILL
SIDGEWICK John Darlington Durham 1785, AUG WILL
SEDGWICK Susan Halifax Yorkshire 1786, MAR WILL
SISWICK Joseph Huddersfield Yorkshire 1788, MAR WILL
SIDGSWICK William Almondbury Yorkshire 1788, MAY WILL
SEDGWICK Chr York Yorkshire 1793, DEC WILL
SIDGWICK Samuel - Antigua 1795, JAN WILL
SIDGWICK Samuel Bingley Yorkshire 1795, JAN WILL
SEDGWICK Willm Arncliffe Yorkshire 1795, OCT ADMON
SIDGWICK Mary Huddersfield Yorkshire 1796, JUN WILL
SEDGWICK John Arncliffe Yorkshire 1797, APR WILL
SISWICK Joseph Huddersfield Yorkshire 1798, AUG WILL
SIDGWICK Mary Arncliffe Yorkshire 1800, MAR WILL
SIDGWICK Marmaduke Northallerton Yorkshire 1801, JUN WILL
SIDGWICK Sarah Bingley Yorkshire 1803, JUL WILL
SEDGWICK William Hull Yorkshire 1805, MAY WILL
SIDGWICK James Aysgarth Yorkshire 1805, SEP WILL
SEDGWICK John Huddersfield Yorkshire 1809, JAN WILL
SEDGWICK Jane Slingsby Yorkshire 1809, NOV WILL
SEDGWICK Edward Welton Yorkshire 1811, APR WILL
SIDGWICK Agnes Kirkby in Malham Dale Yorkshire 1814, JUN WILL
SIDGWICK Mary Kirkby in Malham Dale Yorkshire 1814, JUN WILL
SEDGWICK Mary Lincoln Lincolnshire 1815, JUN WILL
SIDGWICK John Hutton near Rudby Yorkshire 1816, MAY WILL
SEDGWICK Robert Kirkby in Malham Dale Yorkshire 1818, JUL WILL
SEDGWICK Elizabeth Leeds Yorkshire 1820, MAR WILL
SIDGWICK Christopher Hutton near Rudby Yorkshire 1820, DEC WILL
SEDGWICK Richard Bradford Yorkshire 1821, FEB WILL
SIDGWICK Michael Rudby Yorkshire 1821, DEC WILL
SIDGWICK Simon Hutton near Rudby Yorkshire 1822, JUN WILL
SEDGWICK Samuel Dewsbury Yorkshire 1823, JAN WILL
SEDGEWICK Hannah Richmond Yorkshire 1823, APR WILL
SEDGWICK William Clapham Yorkshire 1823, JUL ADMON
SEDGWICK Thomas Leeds Yorkshire 1826, AUG WILL
SEDWICK Thomas Mirfield Yorkshire 1828, MAR WILL
SIDGWICK William Kildwick Yorkshire 1809, JAN WILL
SEDWICK Anthony Giggleswick Yorkshire 1829, APR WILL
SEDGWICK Matthew Batley Yorkshire 1832, MAR WILL
SEDGWICK William York Yorkshire 1833, NOV WILL
SEDGWICK Mary Leeds Yorkshire 1834, MAR WILL
SIDGWICK Henry Northallerton Yorkshire 1835, MAY AD/WL
SISWICK Charles Almondbury Yorkshire 1837, JAN WILL
SIDGWICK William Rudby Yorkshire 1837, APR WILL
SIDGWICK John Northallerton Yorkshire 1839, JUL ADMON
SIDGWICK William Dalton Lancashire 1841, OCT WILL
SEDGWICK Thomas Silkstone Yorkshire 1842, JUL ADMON
SEDGWICK Matthew Leeds Yorkshire 1843, AUG WILL
SIDGWICK Ann Kirkby Malhamdale Yorkshire 1844, MAY AD/WL
SEDGWICK George Barnsley Yorkshire 1846, DEC WILL
SEDGWICK George Bradford Yorkshire 1847, JAN ADMON
SEDGWICK Jane Brafferton Yorkshire 1847, JAN ADMON
SEDGWICK Mary Ann Brafferton Yorkshire 1847, JAN ADMON
SEDGWICK William Bishop Burton Yorkshire 1847, AUG WILL
SEDGWICK William Sculcoates Yorkshire 1847, AUG WILL
SEDGWICK Charles Giggleswick Yorkshire 1847, DEC ADMON
SEDGWICK Mary Giggleswick Yorkshire 1852, OCT WILL
SEDGWICK John Pontefract Yorkshire 1852, DEC WILL
SEDGWICK Samuel James Liverpool Lancashire 1853, SEP AD/WL
SEDGWICK Leonard Leeds Yorkshire 1856, JAN WILL
SEDGWICK Roger Boroughbridge Yorkshire 1857, APR WILL
SEDGWICK William Bradford Yorkshire 1857, JUN WILL
SIDGWICK John Rudby Yorkshire 1857, JUL WILL




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