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Stephen Sedgwicke (abt 1589 - 1638)

Stephen Sedgwicke [Unknown Sedgwick]
b. abt 1589
m. Katherine Browne 1615, St Ives
bd. 19 December 1649 [will details]

Stephen's will provides vital clues to the origins of the family as it refers to the parish of Ingleton "where I was born and had my first breath", the parish of Horton and "cousins Sedgwickes in Yorkshire".

No reference to Stephen has yet been found outside parish and will records. Katherine died in 1647..


Job Sedgwick

b circa 1617
m1 Susan Hough 24 December 1641
m2 Mariabella Lock 31 January 1654/5
d circa 1670 Bristol

Sara Sedgwick

bpt. abt 1619 London
d Before 1660

Susanna Sedgwick

bpt 18 July 1628 Hackney, London
m. Thomas Blackwell 3 June 1647 Hackney
d. After 1660

Rebecca Sedgwick

bp 25 October 1625 St Bride's Fleet St, London
m Unknown Thorne circa 1643
d. September 1660 [will details]

Abigail Sedgwick

bp 22 May 1627 St Bride's Fleet St, London
d. 31 May 1627 St Bride's Fleet St, London

Abigail Sedgwick

bp 4 March 1630/1 St Bride's Fleet St, London
m. James Clarke 1650
d. aft 1660

Joshua Sedgwick

b circa 1633
d. aft 1660

Descendants / Researchers:

Dennis Sedgwick <densedg@sedgwick.org>




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