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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Buckinghamshire
Sedgwicks of Chesham

In the 1851 census there are three individuals who could be related to each other but without supporting proof from the parish records, the individuals are only tentatively linked at the moment.

There are earlier Sedgwicks in the parish and it seems likely that this group can be linked to them.

A2A has several references to this group of people unfortunately detailing their brushes with the law and subsequent punishments.

William and Lucy Sedgwick were both imprisoned following affrays with the police. William Sedgwick was fined 1 shilling and imprisoned for a month following a fight over a hat! Lucy and her daughter Margaret Mayo (nee Beckley) fought a policeman trying to arrest William Beckley (Lucy's son). Lucy was sentenced to 6 weeks hard labour.

Jonas Sedgwick was imprisoned for six months following an assault on Harry Hearn, constable and watchman.


William Sedgwick

bpt 10 December 1738
m Ann Pollycat 1760
bd 28 March 1763

William Sedgwick

bpt 26 November 1761 Chesham, Buckinghamshire
m Ann How 1785
m2 Lucy Beckley 1815
bd 13 November 1828

Jonas Sedgwick

b circa 1796 Chesham, Buckinghamshire
m Elizabeth Barnes 1819
d 1863 (BMD)

William Sedgwick

b circa 1798 Chesham, Buckinghamshire
m Mary Ann Nash 1830 IGI
m Sarah Darvell (nee Turner) 1848 (BMD)
d 1875 (BMD)

Source Notes:

1841 census - William Sedgwick 40 Labr, Mary Sedgwick 30 (Chesham - HO107 47 16 10 14)




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