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Unknown Sedgewick of Hutton Henry

There are several Sedgwicks who state in census returns that they were born in Hutton Henry. At the moment there is no definitive evidence that they are connected although it seems likely. If anyone has proof one way or another, please let me know.

Joan Mavrovic has recently discovered that one Ann Sedgwick was the daughter of John and Jane Sedgwick.

What is proven is that the families are connected to the Recusant Sedgwicks of Manfield. Not only were some of the children baptised there but also the adults were god parents to a number of children. Again more proof is needed to link the families anything more than tentatively.


Joseph Sedgwick

b. circa 1781 Durham
m1 Mary Wilson 1808
m2. Anna Wilson
d. probably 1848

Ralph Sedgwick

b circa 1795 Hutton Henry, Durham
d after 1861

Eleanor (Ellen) Sedgwick

b circa 1801 Hutton Henry, Durham
d after 1861 Lancashire?

Ann Sedgwick

b. circa 1801 Hutton Henry, Durham
m. William Furness 1822
d. after 1861

Dorothy Sedgwick

b circa 1806 Hutton Henry, Durham
d after 1861 Lancashire?

Ann Sedgwick

b 4 February 1807 Hutton Henry, Durham
m Robert Wright
d 6 July 1862

Ann Wright
baptised 24 March 1839 Manfield, Yorkshire

Robert Wright

born circa 1838 Barmpton, Durham
m Mary Jane (Ann) Sedgwick 1867 (BMD)

John Sedgewick

b. circa 1808 Hutton Henry, Durham
m. 16 August 1834 Ann Lockwood
d. 1884

Elizabeth Sedgwick

born circa 1807 Hutton Henry, Durham
m Henry Ramage circa 1835

Anne Ramage
baptised 9 October 1836 Manfield, Yorkshire

Isaac Sedgwick

b circa 1821
m. Jane Coltman 1850
d. 1898




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