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Joseph Sedgwick (1835 - 1872)

Joseph Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Ann Hall]
b. circa 1835 Yorkshire
m. Jane Ann Todd 1861, Guisborough, Yorkshire (BMD)
d. November 20 1872 as a result of a mining accident

Jane Ann Todd
b. January 4 1847 Kelloe, Durham (?aged 14 at marriage)
m. Scruton Gummersal 1873 (BMD)
d. 30 September 1901 Eldon or Kelloe, Durham

In the 1881 census, Jane and Scruton were living at Eldon, Durham together with 2 children and the 4 surviving children of Joseph and Jane Sedgwick.

John hasn't been found in the 1861 or 1871 census.


John Thomas Sedgwick

bpt. 8 July 1862 Crakehall, Yorkshire (BMD)
m. Annie Raven 1892 (BMD)
d after 1911

Joseph Sedgwick

b. 23 August 1864 Guisborough, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Alice Elizabeth Latcham 1888 (BMD)
d. 3 February 1944

Mary Ann Sedgwick

b. 23 June 1866 Guisborough, Yorkshire (BMD)
m1 William Argent 1883 (BMD)
m2 Thomas Cheesmond 1896
d. 30 September 1919

Isaac Sedgwick

b. 29 September 1868 Stockton, Durham (BMD)
m Emily Clare Foggin 1890 (BMD)
d. 31 December 1946

Margaret Jane Sedgwick

b. 22 June 1870 Stockton, Durham (BMD)
d. 1 August 1872

Descendants / Researchers:

Ken Neal <kenneal67@hotmail.com>
Ken provided all the data on this family
Eileen Sedgwick www.eileensedgwick.com
Please contact Eileen via her website




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