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Sidgwicks of Staindrop

The Staindrop baptisms and marriages on the IGI site start in 1635 (up to 1702 written up here). There are 4 individuals, possibly brothers fathering children in the parish in the early years. Add to that two other men who moved to London, an earlier unconnected individual and two or three wills and you have a delicious puzzle. Can you help to solve it?

Much of the proof for linking individuals comes from Tobias Sedgwicks 1722 will. It is likely that the nephews mentioned by Gabriel in his will are the sons of Tobias and John as both lived in London.

Is the Toby Sedgwick, rector of Cockfield in 1658, connected to this family? His son Thomas was apprenticed in London in 1670


Gabriel Sidgwick

b. circa 1608
m Margaret Read 1637/8
d probably 1684 [will details]

Henry Sidgwick

b. circa 1610
m Elizabeth Alde 1640

Tobias Sidgwick

b. circa 1620
m. Elizabeth Poole 1640
d. 1672/3 [will details]

Ralph Sidgwick

b circa 1625
m (Helen Unknown)
m Anne Unknown
d 25 October 1684

John Sidgwick

b. circa 1630
m Marjory Unknown
d after 1658

George Sidgwick

b. circa 1620
m Jane Emerson 1641
d after 1653

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