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Edward Sedgwick (1618 - 1663)

Edward Sedgwick [James Sedgwick / Elizabeth May]
bpt. Probably 1618 St Giles, Cripplegate
m. Susannah Pallavicino 1640
d. 1663

Susannah Pallavicino [Tobias Pallavicino / Jane Cromwell]
b. circa 1620

Edward is first found alongside his brother William in the Visitations of Cambridge 1619. His family arms included five bells so it is likely to be connected to that of William Sedgwick of Woburn's family.

Susan Pallavicino's family are closely linked to the Cromwell family. Her grandfather was the Royalist Oliver Cromwell, the uncle of the better known Oliver, Lord Protector of England. Three Pallavacino siblings married three Cromwell brothers and sisters - Tobias Pallavacino and Jane Cromwell, Henry Pallavacino and Katherine Cromwell and Battina Pallavacino and Henry Cromwell. Finally Susannah's grandfather, Oliver Cromwell, remarried in 1601 to Susannah's grandmother Anna Pallavacino (nee Hooftman) - her husband Horatio Pallavicino having died in 1600.

Son Horatio is to be found in St John Zachary in the 1695 survey of London inhabitants within the walls.


Thomas Sedgwick

bpt 12 April 1641 Chipping Ongar, Essex
Sarah Shadwell 15 November 1662

Susannah Sedgwick

bpt. 13 July 1642 Chipping Ongar, Essex
m Unknown Robinson
d. 1725 [will details]

Jane Sedgwick

bpt. 12 August 1644 St Augustine, Watling Street

Joseph Sedgwick

bpt. 18 January 1645 St Augustine, Watling Street

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt. 24 December 1646 St Augustine, Watling Street

Horatio Sedgwick

bpt. 9 July 1648 Chipping Ongar, Essex
d after 1695

John Sedgwick

bpt. 6 March 1650 Saint Gregory By Saint Paul, London

Elishah Sedgwick

bpt. 12 September 1653 St Augustine, Watling Street

Eusebia Sedgwick

bpt. 28 October 1656 St Augustine, Watling Street
m Thomas Dawgs 6 June 1682
d before 1716

Edward Sedgwick

bpt. 20 January 1658 St Augustine, Watling Street
m Rebecca Elsmore 24 February 1678
d 1729 Walkington, Yorkshire




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