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William Sedgwick of Darenth (1756 - 1802)

William Sedgwick [Samuel Sedgwick / Anne Waller]
bpt 10 April 1757 Dartford, Kent
m Elizabeth Lever 1787
d 6 May 1802 Darenth, Kent

William has been proven to be the father of Samuel based on census returns and the burials and baptisms at Darenth, Kent. His niece Sophia Lever married a John Boorah - grandaughter Elizabeth is with her Boorah cousins in the 1881 census.

Mrs Elizabeth Sedgwick late wife of Mr William Sedgwick of this parish died September 29 1798 aged 40. Also Mr William Sedgwick husband of the above died 6 May 1802 aged 46. Also Giles Sedgwick who died 6 March 1795 aged 7 months. Also Susanna wife of Mr William Sedgwick of Crayford died 7 July 1822 aged 33

William Sedgwick died 3.4.1877 aged 88. Samuel Thomas Sedgwick son of the above died December 22 1886 aged 66


William Sedgwick

bpt 6 August 1788 Darenth, Kent
m Susanna Wykes 1812
d 3 April 1877

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 9 August 1791 Darenth, Kent

Giles Sedgwick

bpt 12 August 1794 Darenth, Kent
d 28 March 1795 Darenth, Kent

Samuel Sedgwick

bpt. 6 April 1796 Darenth, Kent
m Eliza Rose Coppard 1827
d 1867 (BMD)




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