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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Lancashire
George Sedgwick of Cartmel (born circa 1799)

George Sedgwick [George Sedgwick / Mary Crow]
b. 11 July 1799 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire
m Ann Dennison 12 May 1824 Underbarrow Chapel, Kendal
d probably 1865

In the 1851 census George was an ostler living in Crosthwaite (Keswick). Daughter Elizabeth was a servant and son John was also an ostler.


Mary Sedgwick

bpt. 31 October 1824 Underbarrow, Westmorland
d after 1841

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. circa 1828 Cockermouth, Cumberland
d after 1851

John Sedgwick

bpt. 29 November 1829 Cockermouth, Cumberland
m Nancy Atkinson 1853 (BMD)
d after 1901

George Sedgwick

bpt. 12 April 1832 Cockermouth, Cumberland

Agnes Sedgwick

bpt. 11 November 1833 Wigton, Cumberland
d after 1841

Anne Sedgwick

bpt. 4 May 1839 Wigton, Cumberland (BMD)
d after 1851

Margaret Sedgwick

bpt. 24 April 1843 Wigton, Cumberland (BMD)

Thomas Dennison Sedgwick

bpt. 21 July 1844 Wigton, Cumberland (BMD)
m Emma Elizabeth Sheldon 1867 (BMD)
m2 Winifred Norton England 1893 (BMD)
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1841 census - George Sedgewick 40 Hostler & Groom, Ann Sedgewick 37, Mary Sedgewick 16, Elizabeth Sedgewick 14, John Sedgewick 11, Agnes Sedgewick 8, Ann Sedgewick 2 (Market Place, Wigton - HO107 166 13 9 13)


Descendants / Researchers:

Fred Sedgwick <sedgwick@ca.inter.net>

Fred is the undisputed expert having researched this family for many years. Almost every piece of information on these pages has been uncovered by him.




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