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Christopher Sedgwick of Tatham (born circa 1722)

Christopher Sidgwick [Stephen Sedgwick / Maria Pearson]
bpt. 20 December 1722
m Jennet Marshall 1752 Bentham, Yorkshire
d probably 4 August 1798

Christopher was described as a husbandman of Tatham when he died - he was living in Grains (Granes) in 1759 and 1760. Jennet was buried on 17 January 1808.

Only circumstantial evidence links Christopher to the child of Stephen Sedgwick and Maria Pearson.


Mary Sedgwick

bpt. 24 February 1754 Tatham Fells, Lancashire
m perhaps Timothy Thompson 1777
a Mary Thompson of Wray buried 20 December 1828

Dorothy Sedgwick

bpt. 19 October 1755 Tatham Fells, Lancashire
d probably 21 January 1808

Christopher Sedgwick

bpt. 3 January 1790 Tatham, Lancashire
m. Nancy King 1812
d. 1855 (BMD)

Stephen Sedgwick

bpt 23 June 1758 Tatham Fells, Lancashire
probably m Jane Harrison 1775
d perhaps 26 February 1778

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt. 1 October 1775 Tunstall, Lancashire
m William Armitstead 1813
d after 1841

Ann Sedgwick

bpt. 24 July 1760 Tatham Fells, Lancashire
d 8 June 1812

Thomas Sedgwick

bpt. 14 April 1765 Tatham Fells, Lancashire

Source Notes:

6 October 1798 Administration of Christopher Sedgwick, late of Tatham, county of Lancaster, Husbandman, granted to Jennet Sedgwick the lawful widow and relict of the said deceased, under £400

28 May 1808 Administration of Dorothy Sedgwick, late of Tatham, county of Lancaster, granted to Christopher Sedgwick, the principal legatee, under £200

28 May 1808 Last will of Ann Sedgwick, late of Wray, county of Lancaster, proved by Christopher Sedgwick of Halls Barns hear Hornby, sole executor, died 8 June 181, under £200




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