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Robert Sedgewick (born 1803)

Robert Sedgewick [Thomas Sedgwick / Lillias Thomson]
bpt 12 May 1803 Low Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire?
m Janet (Jessie) Middleton 1837
d after 1881

Robert is described as Reverend at the time he married. Wife Jessie can be found in Old Machar with her daughters in 1841 whilst Robert is in Dundee. The family moved to Canada in about 1849.

Thomas is with members of the Middleton family in 1841 and 1851. Son John lived with his uncle William Middleton in 1861. Robert seems to be in Canada in 1871. James as son as a son here based on a hunch - can anyone prove this assumption?


Thomas Sedgewick

bpt 5 May 1838 Aberdeen, Scotland
m Christina P McGregor 1868
d after 1911

Jane Sedgewick

bpt 31 August 1839 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
d after 1841

Agnes Sedgewick

bpt 25 February 1841 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
m John Henderson 1868
d after 1871

John Sedgwick

bpt 3 March 1844 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
m Helen C Donaldson 1892
d after 1901

Jessie Sedgewick

bpt 5 January 1846 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
m Archibald Campbell
d after 1911

Robert Sedgewick

bpt 10 May 1848 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
m Mary S Unknown
d after 1901

William Sedgewick

b circa 1850 Nova Scotia, Canada
m Annie Leedham
d after 1911

James Sedgewick

b circa 1860 Nova Scotia, Canada
m Norma Unknown
d after 1901




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