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Reverend John Sedgwick of Howgill (1750 - 1836)

Reverend John Sedgwick [Stephen Sedgwick / Jane Bateson]
b. 1750
m. Mary Moore, 1773, Firbank, Westmoreland
d. March 26, 1836, Sedburgh, Yorks

At the time of his death, Reverend John Sedgwick was described as being a clerk, late of Thwaite in Howgill, parish of Sedburgh. Executors of his will were Thomas Sedgwick and John Bonstead.

John's father is believed to be Stephen Sedgwick of Ingleton, parish of Bentham who made his will in 1779. It is not confirmed that John was related to Matthew Sedgwick b 1694 as previously reported.


John Sedgwick

b. 1774 - Firbank, Westmoreland

Stephen Sedgwick

b. 1777 - Firbank, Westmoreland
d 1 January 1838 Howgill, Yorkshire

William Sedgwick

b. circa 1779 Firbank, Westmorland
m. Sarah Woods
d. 1860

Matthew Sedgwick

b 1782 - Firbank, Westmoreland
d. 1817 Liverpool, Lancashire

Jane Sedgwick

b. 1785 - Firbank, Westmoreland
m. Anthony Wilkinson

Thomas Sedgwick

bpt 10 March 1793, Firbank, Westmoreland
m. Elizabeth Stainton 1846 (BMD)
d. Between 1861 and 1871

Source Notes:

1841 census - Thomas Sedgwick 45 Ind (Thwaite, Bland - HO107 1322 7 4 1)




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