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If anyone has a family group to add on this page just let us know. To see an overview of how the Leeds Sedgwicks are related to each other, look here.

James Sidgwick
b. 1675 Dent, Yorkshire
m1. Grace Fleeman 28 May 1694
m2. Unknown
d. 1765 Blackbank, Leeds
John Sedgwick
b circa 1731
m Ann Denison 1755
d after 1769
John Sedgwick
b circa 1785
m Hannah Unknown
d before 1841
Francis Sedgwick
b. 1793 Leeds, Yorkshire
m. Sarah Akeroyd 27 March 1813
a descendant of John above
William Sedgwick
b. circa 1795 Leeds, Yorkshire
m. Ann Naylor 11 December 1817
d after 1851
George Sedgwick
b. circa 1806
m Sarah Heward 1827
d after 1841
George has now been linked to the Osbaldwick family
James Sedgwick
b. 1801 Leeds, Yorkshire
m1. Ann Marsden 25 July 1830
m2. Sarah Corney 1853
d. after 1861
another descendant of John above
Mark Sedgwick
b. 1806 Leeds, Yorkshire
m. Elizabeth Gumby 1832
d. before 1871
brother of Francis above
Henry Sedgwick
bpt. 5 December 1802 Leeds, Yorkshire
m Betty Unknown
d 1867
William Sedgwick
b. circa 1785 South Side, Durham
m Elizabeth Garthwaite 1845
d. probably 1863
Thomas Sedgwick
b 28 February 1812
m Sarah Goldsborough 1832
d after 1851
Thomas Sedgwick
b circa 1817
m Catherine Briggs 1837
d after 1841
William Varley Sedgwick
b. 1822 Leeds, Yorkshire
m. Elizabeth Pearson
d. 1897
Robert John Hopkinson Sedgwick
b. 1826 Dewsbury, Yorkshire
m. Sarah Ellen Unknown
d. 12 February 1898 Leeds, Yorkshire
George Sedgwick
b. circa 1845 Leeds, Yorkshire
m Martha Hennessy
d. probably 1916




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